Neural Network

As part of the university practice, I had to produce a neural network to predict certain basic problems. I implemented this neural network through a class in order to use it in all types of programmes and by adding the maximum amount of possible configurations, making it possible to save and restore the learning data of the neural network.



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Battery-operated calculator based on the operation of HP graphic calculators, optimised for use via mobile touch screens. Although calculators are commonly used to learn new APIs of applications with interfaces, the use of a battery-operated calculator involves greater internal complexity than the simple calculator used in most basic applications.


Personal University


This is a language compiler and virtual machine for a specific programming language. The language was designed by myself and by Fernando Arroba and was designed to provide a syntax and functionality similar to the one used by Div Games Studio but with the language addressed towards objects, in order to simplify complex projects. It was produced using Bison, Flex y C++.