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This is a language compiler and virtual machine for a specific programming language. The language was designed by myself and by Fernando Arroba and was designed to provide a syntax and functionality similar to the one used by Div Games Studio but with the language addressed towards objects, in order to simplify complex projects. It was produced using Bison, Flex y C++.

Using my Compiladors 1 work practice, which involved refactoring the code, I used this to refactor the practice and change the syntax and grammar to that of the language that we had already partially designed. Adding the generation of a specific bytecode was the work practice I delivered in Compiladors 2, still without an operative virtual machine, which was executed by the first programme completed during the summer that followed delivery.


To obtain the sourcecode:


  • Project type: Program
  • Program type: Compiler & Virtual Machine
  • Starting year: 2011
  • Languages: C++, Byson, Flex, CMake & latex
  • Libraries: symtab
  • Licence: MIT