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[Movintracks] SDK iOS & Android

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It’s an interactive campaign using beacons that can be programmed on a dashboard and it will launch actions on your own application

[Kirubs] NacNac

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This project is a game for children: in this case my work involved converting the iOS version, programmed in cocos2D-iPhone, to Android using cocos2D-x. This required transforming the entire obj-C a C++ code and adding certain utilities in order to adapt the project to the different android resolutions without difficulty.

[Kirubs] BMW EnRuta

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This is a mobile application for recording a route with the car using GPS. It allows the user to add and share places of interest with others, share the last route travelled with friends or view nearby locations that have been marked as places of interest.

Quick App Search

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This is an application search engine and launcher. At Kirubs I had to launch other device applications displaying a filtered list. With this knowledge, I started to think about producing an applications search engine and launcher in order to optimise to the maximum the time spent searching and launching an application. I used the application as a suitable testing bench for experimenting and improving my knowledge of Intents, SQLite, Java threads and Daemons.


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logo_1i_B1-03 large_480

Battery-operated calculator based on the operation of HP graphic calculators, optimised for use via mobile touch screens. Although calculators are commonly used to learn new APIs of applications with interfaces, the use of a battery-operated calculator involves greater internal complexity than the simple calculator used in most basic applications.