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This is an application search engine and launcher. At Kirubs I had to launch other device applications displaying a filtered list. With this knowledge, I started to think about producing an applications search engine and launcher in order to optimise to the maximum the time spent searching and launching an application. I used the application as a suitable testing bench for experimenting and improving my knowledge of Intents, SQLite, Java threads and Daemons.

It is an application designed to quickly search and launch another application on the device which is not normally used, while being able to access information on the application or share it with friends without the need to access the market.

I now have a new version which has widgets, which I am using to learn more about the use and function of android widgets, although I have not been able to test this sufficiently to update the version posted on the market.

Google Play
Price: Free

Google Play
Price: 0.50€



  • Project type: Program
  • Program type: Tool
  • Starting year: 2012
  • Language: Java
  • Libraries: Android apis


device-2013-08-06-114613 device-2013-08-06-114551 device-2013-08-06-114535 device-2013-08-06-114526 device-2013-08-06-114510 device-2013-08-06-114428

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