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This project is a game for children: in this case my work involved converting the iOS version, programmed in cocos2D-iPhone, to Android using cocos2D-x. This required transforming the entire obj-C a C++ code and adding certain utilities in order to adapt the project to the different android resolutions without difficulty.

This game consists of various puzzles, voice recording and/or distortion, a puppet animation on the home screen and access to a list of YouTube videos managed by an administration panel, with the option to launch YouTube to play these videos.

Google Play
Price: Free


  • Project type: Game
  • Game type: Children game
  • Year: 2013
  • Language: C++, Java
  • Framework: Cocos2d-x
  • Libraries: Android apis, rapidjson, SndObj


device-2013-03-20-112216 device-2013-03-20-112227 device-2013-03-20-112242 device-2013-03-20-112427 device-2013-03-20-112512 device-2013-03-20-112522 device-2013-03-20-112531

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